Sunday, January 15, 2012

baby's first birthday

Before I post the details from the baby's birthday party I wanted to share how we spent his actual day.  I didn't have anything specific planned, besides school and story time for the older two.  And speaking of the older two, they were SO excited that it was their little brothers birthday.  I thought it only fitting to let them help with the celebration.

                          We started the morning with some cinnamon buns shaped like hearts.  Since it was a school day I used the store bough kind, but put them in some silicone heart shaped pans to make them a little more special!


He opened some presents.

We all snuggled up and read this:

And then, instead of cupcakes I thought it would be fun to make some tiny cakes. My older two enjoyed decorating their own.  I decorated the baby's.  It was a lovely day to celebrate a very important day for our family.

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