Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kiss me,i'm irish

In keeping with trying to teach our children about community service we decided to adopt a convalescent home for St. Patrick's Day.  I called to ask if it would be ok and to inquire about how many residents there were- 44!  We explained to the children about how people in convalescent homes can get lonely and that it would be nice to do a little something to cheer them up for St. Patrick's Day.  I got some green bags at the craft store and our older two children helped stuff five kisses into each bag (five - since the bags were small- and then there would be one kiss from each of us).  We also included a little piece of gold paper that reads "kiss me, i'm irish" along with a gold paper shamrock.  We are going as a family to deliver them and I know that the response from the residents will be enough encouragement for my children to know in their hearts that they made someone happy!
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