Thursday, September 27, 2012

the magic of disney

Sorry for the absence.... We surprised our kids with a trip to Disney!  On Thursday evening we told the children that we were going to take them on an adventure the next day and that we would have to wake them up early in the morning.  I secretly packed our bags and the car and put breakfast in Disney bags for the car ride to the airport.  On Friday morning we woke them up early and stuck them in the car with their breakfast to go.  After driving for a little while we stopped and told them where we were going.  I had my daughter read cards, one for each word, that read "we are going to Disney World!"  They were VERY excited.  Then when they got to the airport they found out that we were going with their cousins.  They were thrilled.  We had a fantastic time.  Getting to witness the magic of Disney through my children's eyes was something that I will never forget.  My sister in law planned the entire trip and was the best tour guide a family could ever ask for.  We are overflowing with gratitude for the whole experience.  Have you ever surprised someone with a special trip?  I highly recommend it!
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  1. I want to be part of your family! How fun

    1. Thank you, Alexis!! Your family looks pretty fun too. :) Hope you have a Happy Halloween!



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