Monday, January 13, 2014

a third brrrr-thday

On Saturday my son celebrated his third birthday! Since we didn't have any snow to have a sledding party which I had originally planned, we invited everyone over for a snow themed party at the house. We started the morning as a family with some snowman pancakes and presents!

We invited a few 2-3 year old friends over for some hot cocoa, snacks and crafts. I set up a table in the living room for the children to eat at. I turned some milk bottle into snowmen wearing felt scarves and black buttons. I glued a snowman gift tag onto a clear straw and added a snowflake sticker to his hat. The kids loved them! The favors were placed in a wooden sled behind the table and a silver tree branch held snowflake frames with the quote "If snowflakes were kisses I'd send you a blizzard.".

I served all of the food in the dining room so I kept it to a fun b&w color scheme. We had a hot cocoa bar with lots of toppings to choose from. The hot cocoa was in the crockpot and was easy to throw together the morning of the party. I also served popcorn, pretzels, baby carrots, s'mores on a stick, powdered donuts and cupcakes!

As is my style, I had five activities set up around the house and let the children pick what they wanted to go to. It was very informal. I offered snowflake cookie decorating and candy sled assembling, snow finger painting, snowflake coloring and white glittered play doh. We also played "pin the part" on the snowman. I tied a scarf around the children's eyes so they couldn't peak.

The favors were packs of hot cocoa and marshmallows and pairs of fleece slippers! I made heart candy canes (by melting two small candy together and very low temperature) and attached them to the outside of each package with twine.

On Saturday night the children made snowman shaped pizzas and enjoyed snow cones for dessert!

I know everyone says this, but I can't believe my baby is three! It was a wonderful celebration of the special little man he is.  Hopefully everyone else had a fabulous weekend filled with lots of reasons to celebrate with all of the ones you love.

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  1. Everything looks adorable and Happy Birthday to your little one!



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