Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april fools

I played a few April Fool's jokes on the kids today. I didn't tell them that today was April Fool's day so they wouldn't be expecting any tricks. My first trick was to serve them yogurt and apricot eggs! I made real eggs for my husbands breakfast so that it would smell like I had made eggs for them. My 5 year old son was totally fooled. he looked at me and said "you know I don't like eggs." He wouldn't go near it. So funny!

I packed them a tiny lunch for school and told them I hoped that they were really hungry! Of course, I packed their real lunches in their lunchboxes and tucked them inside their backpacks.

For dinner I made the children "taco salad" ice cream sundaes! They loved it. I also made real beef tacos which we ate for dessert. It was a fun day all around. I hope your day was just as fun and filled with a few laughs and maybe something sweet.

All of these ideas were found on Pinterest! You can follow my board here. I've already thought of a few I'm going to save for next year!
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  1. Love the taco ice cream. I'm stealing it. Lol. My kids will LOVE it. Love your blog.




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