Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Haunting!!

Today is the first day of October and so the countdown to Halloween begins! We have one of these adorable calendars from Pottery Barn Kids The perfect place to hide les petits présents for my little ones. Here are some of the things I will be putting in our calendar this year:
~Halloween band aids for all of our "boo-boo's"
~orange hot cocoa packets with ghost shaped marshmallows
~pumpkin shaped twinkle pops
~Ghoulish Giggles "What is a ghost's favorite fruit?" (Boonanas)
~tiny pumpkin shaped lip gloss
~gift certificates to go to the pumpkin patch and/or a shopping trip to get costumes
~face paint
~tiny cookie cutters with the promise to bake and decorate yummy treats
~Halloween socks
.....and little notes leading them on treasure hunts to find bigger items that don't fit in the calendar....Halloween t-shirts, books, and movies!
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