Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to school

(photos courtesy of Barnes and Noble)
My daughter started pre-school last year. Since it was her very first experience with school I wanted to make sure that it was fun and so I did everything I could to make sure that she had a smooth transition. Luckily her school organized home visits but, I also asked her teachers if she could go to visit her classroom before school began so that she could also become familiar with her new space. In addition to becoming familiar with her teachers and classroom I also read her lots of books about going to school (a few of our favorites are pictured above.) I also had a special back to school dinner the night before her first day, that I will share later in the week, along with a teacher gift idea for the first day. I thought for sure that there would be some tears on her first day of school....but there weren't- from either of us!
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