Wednesday, September 1, 2010

color wheels

A few years ago I used this project to teach my daughter about colors. I used round cardboard circles and had her paint them in different colors. Then she went on a treasure hunt around the house and found items that were the correct color. I used my glue gun to hold everything in place. Just the other day my daughter found some of the wheels we had made and asked if she could make more. Now she is using them to teach her younger brothers about colors. When he gets a little bit older I will have him look for things in these colors and glue them right on to the wheels. I also saved a few colors for him to make all by himself. I got this idea from a friend who taught nursery school. She had all of the kids in the class bring in an item for the color of the day. The wheels were covered in fun little trinkets and it was really fun to look at all of the different objects that made up each color. I plan to hang these in our playroom for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Love this, Nina! I wish my kids were little enough to do this...well, maybe Amelia would still like it. Might try...



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