Saturday, February 5, 2011

sweet heart

With all of the snow that we have had in the past few weeks here in Ct. and a newborn in the house I have had a good excuse to stay home and work on Valentine projects. Since my baby was born in mid Jan. I knew that by the time I took a picture, had it printed, and could get it in the mail it would be the beginning of Feb. So, I decided to combine our baby announcement with a Valentine. I thought that by the time you had your third baby people would be done showering you with gifts. I was completely wrong. This baby got new clothes, books, toys, blankets and I didn't have to cook for the first three weeks after we got home from the hospital! We are so lucky. For those friends and family that went above and beyond I packaged the announcement/valentine cards into red boxes and added some heart confetti and candy. I wrote thank you notes in the cards and either hand delivered them or mailed them right in the red boxes (I just added white labels to the top.) The little extra detail and time that it took me to make these was nothing compared to the love and friendship I have received.
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  1. You are amazing! Beautiful presentation and such a thoughtful idea. i LOVE it. Happy Valentine's Day!



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