Friday, April 22, 2011


In honor of Earth Day today I thought I would share a cute idea for a party favor.  This would be fun for as a birthday party favor too.  I put some instant pudding mix, mini Oreos, and gummy worms inside a mason jar  (You could also use a recycled pasta sauce jar).  I attached a tag and on the back wrote the directions for making edible dirt:
Empty contents of jar.
Open pudding mix and pour powder into the jar.  Add 2 cups of cold milk and put the lid back on tightly. 
Shake like crazy!  (the directions on the box say whisk for 2 minutes- but shaking is more fun)
Pour the pudding into 4 serving cups.  I would use mini terra cotta pots!
Crumble the Oreo cookies on top and put sprinkle with some gummy worms.
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