Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the pinata

My daughter requested that we have a pinata at the party.  I actually found one that fit our theme too (the party store had one that you could attach a Mylar balloon to the front).  Perfect!  Although I love the idea of pinatas it always seems like they are either impossible to open and/or someone always ends up crying or getting hurt.  I think I solved both problems.  You can now buy pinatas that have magic strings attached.  Each child takes a turn pulling a string to see if it will open the door and let everything fall out.  It turned out at our party that the very last string was the magic one and the birthday girl was the one who pulled it! To avoid the mad dash for candy I filled little plastic bags so that each child could find one once the pinata opened.  In each bag I put a green balloon, a twisty balloon with miniature directions to make a balloon animal, some large gumballs and some tiny chocolate candy spheres.  There were no tears (and no parents needed to rip the thing apart) after this pinata which I consider a great success.
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