Wednesday, October 26, 2011

simple snacks

I know a lot of parents are looking for quick and easy snack ideas.  I am too!  I have three different Halloween parties to contribute to this year.  Most of the schools often ask parents to bring in some fruit and/or something salty in addition to the sweet treats.  Here are some easy ideas, dressed up for Halloween!  I first saw this great idea which was to use a permanent marker to draw faces on the clementines.  When I shared the idea with my friend Krista she took it one step further and used stickers to make the pumpkin faces.  Since I couldn't find the face stickers this year I decided to use the masks and think they came out darling.  I found the tiny popcorn boxes at Marshalls and just used microwave popcorn and threw in some candy corn and placed a green spider ring on top.  The last treat is the easiest of all, munchkins!  I went to my local Dunkin' Donuts and picked them up and put them in little cupcake liners.  Easy.
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