Friday, October 14, 2011

trick OR treat

Next week it is my turn to go into my son's preschool.  I like to bring some fun activities with me when I go in, just like I did with my daughter.  I am going to have the kids make these lollipop ghosts.  I cut a bandanna into four squares with my pinking sheers, wrapped one of the squares around a tootsie pop, tied some ribbon around the neck and stuck on some googly eyes. You can find bandannas for $1 at Walmart or I Party and and I got the lollipops at the dollar store so this was an inexpensive project.  In addition to being a fun activity for children you could also give these cute little guys out as party favors or to your trick or treaters this year.  I love how the pattern on the fabric made a mouth for the ghost too!  Boo!
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