Friday, February 10, 2012

spreading the love

There is a little girl in our town who has Leukemia.  I don't know her or her family, but I was asked by a mutual friend to make dinner for them and was happy to do so.  There is a wonderful organization called meal Train.  You can learn more about it here.  It is described as "the act of organizing meal giving around significant life events".  Anyway, in addition to our dinner I thought it would be nice to make a special dessert for them so I put together a little decorate your own cupcake kit.  I put some cupcakes in a pretty red and white polka dot box.  I added a container of frosting and a little plastic box filled with different sprinkles and plastic knives.

On another note, my daughter's kindergarten teacher lost her brother this summer.  For Valentine's day we collected some money to donate to the heart association in his name.  We will be giving it to her on Tuesday with a pair of woolly socks and a quote about how we hope that she will accept the donation "from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our toes".

 I love that these small gestures are teaching my children about taking care of others and spreading the love this month.
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