Thursday, July 12, 2012

dinner at eight

Last week my husband and I celebrate our eighth anniversary.  My gift started with inspiration from  these adorable pillow cases!

Since we went to France for our honeymoon and our bedroom is black and white, I knew these would be perfect!  I used the translation "good evening" to put together some items that would ensure that we had a "good" evening. To start with we had dinner at 8:00 at our favorite French restaurant on the Cape.  For the gift I used the pillow cases as the tissue paper (the bronze heart tissue paper that I made kept smudging and I didn't want it to get on the new white pillow cases).  I included the movie "dinner at eight," a new cd by one of my husbands favorite Irish artists, a chocolate "8," and some prosecco that had a bronze foil wrap.  I love that this gift included a lot of meaning for both of us and our evening turned out even better than good, it was fabulous!

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