Monday, January 14, 2013

puppy paw-ty

Our littlest loves dogs.  It was one of his first words and the stuffed animal in the picture with him below goes with him everywhere.  So a dog theme seemed perfect for his second birthday.  

 We started his birthday with some dog waffles.  I found this idea on Pinterest and although I couldn't find a link I was able to look at the picture and assemble these quite easily.  All three kids loved them. 

He also loves balloons so we got him an over sized "2" balloon which was also a big hit.  We attached it to an adorable new stuffed dog which was one of his presents.  

 For his party we sent out some invitations.  I copied a picture of one of our favorite books "If you give a dog a doughnut" and wrote the party details on the red and white paper bone. I placed both in a square red box and mailed them just like that.   We only invited a handful of friends and I did the party when my older two were at school.  It was more like a play date than a party and it worked out perfectly

I set up the food in our dining room and made a sign that said "Barkery."  We had pupcakes, pupcorn, lolli-pups and bark.  I also had some cantaloupe that I had cut into the shape of dog bones with a cookie cutter.  

 For the table I used some paw print wrapping paper and made dog bone place mats out of foam sheets. 

I used some tiny dogs in a clear vase for the centerpiece.  

I also photo copied some of the pages from the book to go along with certain stations.  This was the drink station with some dog bone sippy cups. 

 I had bags available for the parents to stick all of the favors in.  I also tucked in a paper back copy of the book "If you give a dog a doughnut."

For the activities I had the kids adopt new puppies.  They had to wash them and name them and give them some dog bones.  The kids loved this.   I also had some dog coloring pages and dog bone shaped crayons out.  They all got to take some home with them too.

We ended the day with some friends coming over for chili and hot dogs, of course!  It was truly a lovely day celebrating our youngest. 
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