Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i dig you, valentine

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I thought instead of doing "That's a wrap" I would share the Valentine's my son handed out to his preschool friends this morning.  I had seen many versions of these on the web and Pinterest, so when I saw white shovels at the party store I new just what to make.  I ordered the tags from Etsy and they sent me a file to print out.  These were so easy to make and I think they came out darling.  My son carried them to school in this red bucket. 

For my son's teachers I searched on Pinterest and when I saw this idea I knew it was perfect.  You can find the card (it's a free printable) here.  Then you just need to attach a gift card to a local coffee shop.  I got one to a place called Perk on Main that's nearby.  Perfect, right?  Stay tuned for my daughter's Valentine's soon.

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