Monday, October 28, 2013

Witches Tea

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day here in Connecticut and the perfect time to host a mother/daughter witches tea party. We invited guests to our house from 3-5 and served finger foods, drinks and of course some sweets. I tried to keep the decorations clean and simple. I made most of them with things I already had around the house. Witch some ribbon and cardboard witches I made some wreaths which I ended up hanging from the lights on our garage. I spray painted a tree black and hung the same cardboard witches from its branches.

I also stacked pumpkins in our planters!
I had two crafts out for the kids.  One of the crafts was to make witches hands by filling some (non latex) gloves with candy corn as the fingers and topped it off with popcorn to fill out the hands.  We tied them with some purple twine and added a spider ring to the finger.

The second craft was to make witches hats with some chocolate ice cream cones and cookies. The kids filled them with candy and "glued" them on with frosting. I also hung pumpkin donuts from our play scape and the girls got a kick out of trying to eat them without using their hands!
I had hot cider bubbling away on the stove which made the entire house smell divine and was a big hit, especially with some spiced rum added in for the adult witches!  I had cold cider outside for the kids and I even made a cinnamon stick broom which was inspired after viewing it in a Pottery Barn catalog!

I also served witches brew (lime seltzer, lime sherbet and a can of thawed out limeade) and some water with gummy worm ice cubes!

I didn't end up getting a great shot of the food table, but here is one. I served three different kinds of tea sandwiches and also made some sugar cookies and chocolate covered pretzel sticks (magic wands) and almost everything else was brought my sweet friends.

I set a table up for the children and used those little plastic cauldron's as their tea cups. They were easy to wash out and the kids got a kick out of them!  We also placed their goody bags at the top of their plates.  Inside were some witches warts, a witchy green finger lollipop, witch's potion bubbles and a witches hat ring pop!


For the adult favors I put some loose leaf tea in test tubes and tied them with string!

 It was really a lovely day to celebrate Halloween with my daughter.  We even ran out to get some Halloween manicures before the party.

Everyone wore their witch hat and it was a really glorious afternoon.  I will have fond memories of listening to all of the little witches running around screaming with delight in our backyard.

And since my sweet boys didn't get to partake in our fun yesterday, tomorrow afternoon they are having a monster themed play date with some of their friends.  I will be back with all of those details soon!
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  1. I LOVE all the details. I'm sure your daughter loved doing this with you!

    1. Thank you, Anna!! It was very fun to host WITH my daughter for a change!



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