Friday, December 13, 2013


 A few weeks ago as I was dropping my older children off at school and one of them asked me why a police officer was sitting in the parking lot.  I quickly responded that he was there to keep everyone at school safe.  After drop off it got me thinking about how thankful I was for the police officer that sits there every morning, even a year after the Newtown tragedy. And, that made me think that I wanted to do something to let him know how thankful I was.  After a quick inquiry we found out that three officers take turns sitting there each morning. I quickly sent a message to some friends and before I knew it they all wanted to contribute to something too.  I ended up buying gift certificates from dunkin donuts and put them in oversized mugs with a snowman cookie from Starbucks. I threw in some Hershey kisses and attached a note that read "thanks for keeping our children safe and for giving us all peace of mind." I signed it from all of the families that participated. So, in the spirit of giving, don't forget about those people that work to keep our neighborhoods safe and happy too.
We are expecting quite a bit of snow this weekend and I couldn't be happier. Everything just seems so peaceful and lovely when it snows and really makes me feel like Christmas is almost here.... We are planning on making a huge new England pot roast and sitting by the fire. Whatever your weekend plans, may they be comforting and full of love.

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