Wednesday, December 18, 2013

that's a wrap

I have gotten a lot of action on my blog from people searching for teacher gifts. As a former teacher, I always thought it was nice to get a group gift from a class and so I often find myself organizing them for my children's teachers. This is the present that we are giving my daughter's teacher on Friday. One of her hobbies is cooking and she always does cooking activities with the children at school.  I ordered the book "Christmas Cookies, Bite Size Holiday Lessons" and found an adorable cookie jar to go with it. The class donated money towards a gift certificate to Sur La Table where she can find all sorts of fun cooking utensils or even sign up to take a cooking class! Another parent offered to make a personalized apron for the teacher and red and green fortune cookies with personalized fortunes from the students! The apron, gift certificate and cookies are inside the cookie jar.  This would also be cute if each family wrote down their favorite cookie recipe to stick inside the cookie jar.  I wrapped the book in paper and the whole thing in cellophane and will present it to the my daughters teacher on Friday to let her know how sweet we all think she is.

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