Thursday, February 27, 2014

tooth fairy take two

Yesterday my son lost his first tooth! So exciting. Of course, because of how I like to operate, I already had a stash of items ready for him. He picked out the pirate tooth holder as soon as his first tooth started to wiggle, which was way back in the fall! I had grabbed three tiny bottle of glitter when I saw them in Michaels so that when each child lost their first tooth they would get a small jar of "fairy dust." With the first tooth I always like to give a little gift so my son got some pirate crayons and for the monetary contribution the children always receive a gold dollar! You can get these right at the bank. I actually went ahead and got a roll of them so that I would be prepared, for a little while anyway. I used the same website to generate a name for my son's tooth fairy that I did for my daughter.  As luck would have it my daughter also lost a tooth yesterday! Her tooth fairy left her a gold coin too.
Then, last night after we had tucked the children into bed, we heard lots of tiny feet running around.  I went to investigate and found two notes and cups of water by their bedroom doors. The notes read: "dip your wings." When I asked the children what it meant they told me that someone had told them that if you left a little bowl of water out the fairies would dip their wings and you would be able to tell by the color of the water if their fairy was a girl or a boy. I thought it was hysterical. So off they went to sleep and I realized I had run out of red (for pink water) food coloring! So I had to use a sprinkle of strawberry jello mix! When my daughter woke up and smelled the water she said "it smells like strawberry! My fairy is a strawberry fairy!" Hahaha. I love kids.  Do you have any fun tooth fairy traditions? I would love to hear about it.
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