Thursday, February 13, 2014

valentine treats

So we did end up with a snow day today and with no school tomorrow, I did manage to send in a special Valentine snack with the kids yesterday and decorated some store bought cupcakes for my daughters class. 
For the children's snack I sent in an empty chocolate box (actually it was a tin) and filled it with different snacks/treats. I got this idea from an Instagram photo taken by Katherine Marie. I also saw another idea on pinterest where someone served different kinds of cheese in an empty candy box. I guess you could really fill it with anything you please. It was funny trying to peek in all of the candy boxes at the stores to find one that had the plastic liner in it. I ended up with some tin ones made by Mrs. Fields. I covered the label with a chalkboard heart sticker. I filled the inside with some red goldfish, raisins, chocolate cheerios, chocolate graham crackers and a few treats. The kids loved it!!!

My daughter's class isn't actually going to celebrate Valentine's Day until after our vacation, but since I had to go in for my son's class party I decided to bring something for my daughter's class too. Since it was sort of last minute and I already had a very busy morning, I grabbed some mini cupcakes from the grocery store and then made some tiny fortune cookies out of air heads to put on top.  My daughter's class is studying Asia so I thought it would be cute. I also found this idea through pinterest, but instead of making large fortune cookies, I used a small round cookie cutter to make tiny ones. They came out so cute! And only took a few seconds to make each one. My daughter's class was thrilled with the surprise treat at the end of the day!

We are all hunkered down here for the snow day. Hope that you all have a sweet afternoon!

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