Tuesday, March 11, 2014

st. patrick's day prep

When you marry a man who was born and reared in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day becomes a big deal! I love all holidays and St. Patrick's Day is no exception, and it bothers me that the only decorations I can ever find are ugly, plastic, and frankly rather untasteful. So, over the years I have taken it upon myself to make my own. I thought I would share some things that I have made this year, and some fun things that I have found. I saw a project that involved making gold polka dots on champagne glasses. I loved them and thought they would be perfect for our cocktail party, but when I started making them I didn't  love how they were turning out. So, instead I made my own stencil, using a Martha Stewart shamrock punch and some gold paint specifically made for glass. I picked up the glasses at the dollar store and got started, I love how they turned out. Before our cocktail party I am going to rim each glass with some gold sprinkles.

For the door, I found this idea and was inspired. Again, I found the wreath frame at the dollar store. After I cut off all of the green, shining plastic I was left with a metal Shamrock frame. I glued some cardboard to the frame and then placed moss on top. I love how it turned out.

Today when I was out shopping I found these fun picture props at Old Navy. I thought they might be fun to use for our cocktail party.

Since we don't generally have sugary cereal in the house, for a treat on St. Patrick's Day the children get Lucky Charms. I was so excited when I saw these limited addition Lucky Charms on Amazon. I haven't seen them in the stores, so I am happy I ordered some in time.

Since we have a tradition that the leprechauns (who are known to be cobblers) bring the children new shoes for St. Patrick's day, I was beyond thrilled when I saw these shoes. I couldn't resist ordering them for our children.
Photo Courtesy of Chasing Fireflies

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  1. How darling the wreath is! I totally agree about the decorations in the store but yours are so cute!

  2. I love, love, love the shamrock for the door! I think I may need to do that next year! What a clever idea, and it looks wonderful!

    1. Yes, you should definitely try it next year. It was rather easy and totally inexpensive!



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