Wednesday, March 5, 2014

that's a wrap

As my children grow older, I am becoming much more aware of all of their "stuff." Recently, my daughter was invited to a birthday party for a dear friend, who also happens to be one of four children in her family. When I asked her mom about a gift, she suggested a special day out for the girls. I thought this was brilliant, a gift of making memories. After brainstorming with my daughter she decided she wanted a "girls day out" with her friend, that included getting their nails painted and having lunch at a restaurant. So, on her friends birthday, we gave her a little menu where she was able to make some choices: like whether she wanted her nails OR toes painted, what she would like to have for lunch, her favorite kind of chocolate truffle, etc. I put the menu in a little envelope and taped on a tiny pencil for her to use. I also included a tiny bottle of nail polish and a mini chocolate truffle lip-gloss.  I attached a mini whisk to the outside and wrote "whisking you a very happy birthday!"  We went with a cooking theme since that was the theme for her friends birthday party the following weekend.
Our day out was a lot of fun! After nails the girls got to choose one chocolate truffle at Godiva. Then they rode the escalator and sampled perfumes at Nordstrom's and finally had bagels for lunch. I took lots of photos throughout our special day and put them into an album which we gave her friend at her birthday party. It was a fun gift and now my daughter is thinking that she would like something similar for her own birthday in April.

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