Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a big fat Greek Bridal Shower

One of my friends sent me this photo yesterday. She used this idea from one of my Valentine's Day posts and turned it into a wedding shower gift for her friend. I love that she used blue and white for Greece and I also love that the theme for the shower was based on the honeymoon destination of the couple. Thanks for sharing this me Maureen. I am so glad you were able to interpret one of my ideas and make it your own!
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  1. Thank you Nina! It was so much fun to shop for this! I had a harder time finding things that started with each letter - so I did phrases and made sure the letter was somewhere in it.
    Before you Go - things to get you in a Greek mood - Big Fat Greek Wedding DVD and a Greek cookbook
    Ready, Set, Travel! - things to do on the plane.
    rEference - greek dictionary and maps
    Enjoy your trip - flip flops, sunglasses, etc. romanCe - enjoy each other not just the sites - candle, massage oil, the new I Love You lotion from bath and body works
    make mEmories - a journal and photo album. It was a huge hit at the shower - so many thanks for such an awesome idea! Love reading all your blogs!

  2. It was an awesome idea and a great set of gifts!
    From, the lucky bride!



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