Monday, June 7, 2010

teddy bears picnic

My son turned two the day after we returned from our trip to Europe. So, I had to think of an easy and fun way to celebrate and one that I could pull off with very little prep work. Since he loves to go to the playground, I decided on a Teddy Bear Picnic theme and invited some of his friends from play group to a local park. I had these individual red/white gingham take out containers for each child. Inside was a gingham napkins, a lemonade juice box, a bag of teddy grahams and some fruit snacks shaped like bugs. On the gingham plates I put out a variety of sandwiches (cut into teddy bear shapes with a cookie cutter) and slices of cold watermelon. For the adults I made my summer salad (lettuce, turkey, blueberries, strawberries and asparagus) and served a loaf of fresh bread on the side. I have a tin picnic basket that I filled with ice and put bottles of water and lemon pellegrino sodas in for all of the adults. It was a fun afternoon for everyone and luckily the sun was shining. I'll share a few more details later this week.

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  1. Thank you, Suzan! I wish I could take credit for the quilt- but, I ordered it from a catalog years ago. :)



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