Friday, September 2, 2011

countdown to kindergarten


My daughter starts Kindergarten next week.  To help get her ready I thought it would be fun to have a "countdown to kindergarten".  Every day we are doing something to get ready for school with an activity, craft or small gift.  We started with a big surprise.  When the kids woke up we told them that we were taking them on an adventure to the Boston Children's Museum.   They have an exhibit there that is called "Countdown to Kindergarten".  It is set up like a real classroom and the kids enjoyed all of the fun "school like" activities.  If you are any where near Boston I highly recommend making the trip. 

Some of the other things we did for the countdown were: made a gift for my daughters teacher, baked kissing hand cookies, gave her some snack cups and took her to the grocery store to pick out some favorite snacks, read library books about going back to school and visited her new school to play on the playground.  We also gave her a tiny backpack and some  petite Fancy Nancy books so she could role play about the first day with her dolls. 

Helpful ideas to help your child prepare for school are:
~ read books about going to school
~ visit school before it begins- play on the playground, walk around the classroom, introduce yourself to the teacher 
~ have a celebratory back to school dinner
~ have your child make something special, draw a picture or make a card to give to their new teacher on the first day of school
~ take your child to pick out a new backpack, lunchbox or snacks
All of these little things will make your child feel more confident and comfortable to head off to school on the first day

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