Wednesday, November 9, 2011

that's a wrap

(photot courtesy of Pottery Barn)

  A few weeks ago I gave my daughter's teacher a little survey.  It just asked some simple questions about her favorite places to shop, hobbies, foods and the date of birthday.  I found out that her birthday is on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Since I am the room parent I decided it would be a nice idea to celebrate her special day and let her know that we are thankful for everything that she does for our children.  I ordered this small leaf wreath from Pottery Barn.  It was on sale and they offered free shipping!   I traced a leaf shape onto some card stock kraft paper and tucked one inside an envelope for each child in my daughter's class.   I asked them to write why they are thankful for their teacher on the leaf and return it to me, along with $2 to cover the cost of supplies and the wreath.  I am going to tuck the paper leaves that the children made into the the wreath and present it to her on her birthday, along with a special snack.  I will take pictures of the final project and post them some time next week.
 I was thinking that this idea could also work as a thoughtful Christmas gift for a teacher or care giver.  You could purchase an evergreen wreath and have each child either purchase or make an ornament to attach to the wreath! 
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