Wednesday, November 16, 2011

that's a wrap

Almost every time we return home from a vacation we find our fridge filled with the necessities.  My mom always makes sure we have milk, eggs, OJ, etc. so that we don't have to run out to the store first thing upon our return.  It is such a nice gesture and I wanted to do the same for some friends who returned late in the evening one day this week from their vacation.  When they left for their trip it was during the strange October Nor'easter that CT. experienced and they had NO power.  They gave us most of their food since no one was sure when the power would be restored.  I thought it only fitting to do the same thing for them that my mom does for us.  I stocked their fridge with milk, eggs, OJ, yogurt, fruit and made some homemade granola and pumpkin doughnut muffins for them too.  If you know someone coming back from a vacation or home after some time away, think about leaving a little something in the fridge for your friends and family too. I know they will appreciate it as much as we always do.

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  1. Thanks for a great idea. My parents do such nice things for my family, I want to do this next time they take a vacation.



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