Saturday, May 12, 2012

mother's day

So, it seems that this year's mother's day theme is rainbows.  My daughter brought the flower home from school on Friday. Isn't it darling?  The children decorated a piece of paper and the teacher slipped it between two clear plastic cups.  Genius. This would be a great activity for a birthday party.  I love it!!  The bottom picture is the gift I put together for my own mom.  My mom says she "doesn't believe" in mother's day, but she is my mom and I like to get her a little something to celebrate her.  I think I may have mentioned this before, but my mom is the BEST letter writer I know.  So, I found this wonderful box of rainbow note cards and envelopes and knew it was the perfect gift for her.  I also got her some rainbow pens and put a picture of her with my children in a tiny frame.  I also attached the following poem to our gift.  Isn't it perfect!  Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.  My favorite gift is of course the three little ones that call me mom.  I will be spending the day playing with them and it may involve some lobster, ice cream, and a carousel ride too!!!

Mothers are like rainbows,
After a dark dreary day.
Mothers will cheer you,
And brighten your way.
Her arms will enfold you,
Close to her heart,
At times when you're sad,
Of the tear drops start.
E'en tho' the rainbows fade away,
Mother's love is constant,
And is here to stay,
Our dear heavenly Father made,
Mothers and rainbows galore.
So their beauty like a masterpiece,
May be enjoyed o'er and o'er.
Jane L. Nance
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