Friday, May 25, 2012

party planning kit

When I am planning a party and start gathering supplies I keep a little kit filled with a sample of each one in my purse so when I am out and about I can see if all of the colors match.   As I have mentioned before I start to plan my parties early.  That is the only way I can get everything done!  It also helps to pick a theme early because I often see things when I am out doing unrelated errands.  The kit pictured above is for my son's birthday party next weekend.  I am doing a super hero and ice cream theme.  I found the cutest invitations that had a red headed super hero, just like my little guy.  I am using the wrapping paper on the left for a table cloth, red and white polka dot paper goods and yellow and blue polka dot balloons. 

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  1. I do this too!!! I have been carrying around my party folder so I can match stuff while I ma shopping!



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