Monday, December 3, 2012

brown paper packages tied up with strings

Some of our dear friends recently moved to Colorado.  We always used to go get our Christmas trees together so I thought it only fitting to send a gift with a "going to get your tree theme."  I packed fleece hats for the little boys so that they would stay warm.  Cocoa with marshmallows and some mini peppermint schnapps nips for the parents to add to their cocoa.  A CD of Christmas music to play in the car and a homemade ornament to hang on their tree.  I just printed a picture on some vellum paper and stuck it in a clear plastic ball.  I figured if we couldn't go together to get our tress that at least they would know that we were thinking of them when they went to get theirs.  I popped it in the mail the day before Thanksgiving because they were in Connecticut celebrating the holiday and I wanted to make sure that it made it to Colorado before they got home and went to get their tree.  What about you friends do you have any fun traditions around going to get your Christmas tree?  I'd love to hear them! 

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