Monday, December 17, 2012

thankful for teachers



I don't usually address current events on my blog, but what happened on Friday has truly hit home;   as a former first grade teacher, a parent to a current first grader, and a resident of Connecticut.  Even though I didn't know any of the families, this feels personal.  As I wrote on my facebook page...."In my humble opinion, First grade is the most magical year. The world begins to open up to new readers, a sense of growing independence and curiosity about the world unfolds and yet these young children still maintain a sweet innocence about them. To all of my former students, colleagues, family, and friends I wish that the magic of First grade will live on in your hearts forever in memory of all of those sweet, innocent first graders whose magic and wonderment has disappeared forever."
If you follow this blog you know that I always try to appreciate teachers, and all of the people that are involved in my children's lives for that matter, for every holiday.  This seems even more important after the tragedy in Newtown on Friday.  This year for Christmas we went in on the class gifts, but also gave cupcakes to all of them.  I had Jessica from Tulaloo make some adorable gift tags.  They say "Have yourself a Merry Little Cupcake" and she put our name on the cupcake pick.  Adorable!  Our local bakery packaged their delicious cupcakes in these cellophane bags, but you could also make your own cupcakes and buy the bags here. I also attatched a cupcake ornament. This holiday season make sure you appreciate teachers everywhere.  A hand written note or even an email of appreciation is the best gift they could ever receive. 

**Tulaloo has designed a new collection - titled "Breathe Love" - and 100% of your purchase price will be donated directly to the school. All donations will be used to provide gift cards to allow school administrators and teachers to purchase supplies and materials to spruce up the temporary school they are moving into and make it feel warm and welcoming as the students return. You can purchase 8x8 posters and note card sets here. **
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  1. Love this idea. I thought of you right away when I heard the news on Friday! What a horrible, horrible tragedy.



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