Monday, April 1, 2013

april fools

  Boy do little kids love April Fools Day!  This morning my son's school had backwards day.  They wore their clothes backwards and even started their day outside which is usually saved for the end of their day.  Such fun.  I sent in an apple with a worm in it for my son's snack.  I told him I sent him a rotten apple.  When he got home I made lunch for all three kids (my oldest is home sick today.)

 Last year for April Fools Day I made the kids a teeny tiny lunch.  They loved it so much I did it again this year and found some really cute additions.  I included a tiny banana, juice box, baby goldfish, and a bite size sandwich!  For dessert I gave them some candy peas and carrots.

I even put the food in tiny Ziploc bags!  I told them that I hoped they were hungry because I made them a really BIG lunch.  It was a hit! 

I made some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner, but for dessert I made ice cream potato's! My children don't care for potato's, much to my Irish husband's dismay, so it was pretty funny and they actually tasted quite good. Hope you are all having a fun day too!

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