Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter!!!  Our celebration started on Thursday and lasted all weekend!  On Thursday I sent a fun snack to school for my daughter.  It was an egg carton filled with white plastic Easter eggs.  Inside I put Annie's graham cracker bunnies, melon shaped bunnies, baby carrots, etc.  I wrapped it up with some scrapbook paper and ribbon and a bunny note with a cotton ball tail.  She loved it!

 We went on a few egg hunts and also got EGGed twice!  Does your neighborhood have this tradition?  Someone leaves a poem on your door and hides 12 eggs in your yard.  Then you have to pick someone and do the same.  The kids each picked one friend to egg.  It really was a lot of fun!

 I hosted a jewelry party and served some carrot shaped sugar cookies, carrot cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting and carrot cake martinis.  Yum!

On Friday night we watched HOP and colored easter eggs.  

On Saturday we had TWO birthday parties to attend.  I brought a cheese ball shaped like a carrot.  It was very easy to throw together and came out darling!  Recipe can be found here

After we got home the children planted magi seeds (aka jelly beans) in some Easter grass and when they woke up they discovered lollipops had grown!  I hadn't planned on doing this again this year, but my kids asked me yesterday if I had bought any magic seeds!  They remembered that we had done it last year.  They wanted to leave some carrots out for the Easter bunny, and insisted that I get the big kind, since the Easter bunny is BIG. 

And of course this morning the children were delighted to come down to find the carrots had been eaten and had left them Easter baskets.  It has been a busy and full weekend and today we are laying low since my daughter isn't feeling good.  She is disappointed to miss out on some of the fun today, but luckily we celebrated plenty over the weekend!  Hope you all have a wonderful day today too.

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