Wednesday, March 20, 2013

that's a wrap

One of my dear friends celebrated her birthday last week.  She loves ice cream so I wanted to give her an ice cream sundae bar to go, but she lives far away and I wasn't sure how hot fudge sauce would travel.  So, instead, I gathered up as many ice cream things that I could find and tucked them inside a pinata!  I included some bubbles, gummy candy, sprinkles, stickers, ice cream spoons and even a gift certificate for ice cream!  I saw on a blog that you can actually sent a pinata through the mail with just a label on it, but I wanted to make sure that it got to the birthday girl in one piece so I placed it in a box and mailed it of.  She has two boys so I knew they would have fun helping their mom open her gift.  I think this is a great gift idea for all ages and occasions. 
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