Tuesday, March 5, 2013

sunday supper

Do you have Sunday supper in your house?  I find something so soothing about preparing a delicious meal, setting a proper table, and ending the weekend with my family at the dinner table.  I find this especially true in the winter when the days are short and too cold to be anywhere else, but inside.  We tend to light candles, put on some background music, and pour a glass of wine and really enjoy our meal. Weeknight dinners can be so rushed with homework to do, extracurricular activities to attend, and work sometimes getting in the way.  There is just something so lovely about having the time to try a new recipe or make something that may take a little more effort than a weeknight meal.  I love making soups, or a roast, but my go to recipe is a roast lemon chicken with croutons.  It's easy, delicious and a real crowd pleaser even for the under six set.   
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