Friday, April 26, 2013

the lorax

Tonight we are having "dad's night" at my son's preschool.  Traditionally this has been a teacher run event, but for various reasons this year it has been taken over by the board/parents.  We choose The Lorax as our theme.  As I have been planning for this evening I was thinking that it would also make a great theme for a birthday party!  There are lots of ideas all over the web and Pinterest and I even have a board full of Dr. Seuss ideas that you can check out here.  For tonight, the children will be making Lorax pots and planting grass seed in them.  They will sort recyclables into their appropriate bins, take pictures with some  Lorax themed photo props and will munch on Truffula tree cupcakes, humming fish, and bar ba loots!   My son is SO excited for tonight and I couldn't be happier to help plan this event for him. 
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