Monday, August 12, 2013

fairy fun

As promised here are the pictures and activities we did last week for our fairy week at stay camp. This summer my daughter decided to make a fairy garden between our shed and garage.  It is so cute!  She leaves the fairies messages and they write her back.  We know when the fairies have come  to visit because they leave gold pixie dust all over the garden.  Once the pixie dust grew into pixie stick candy and the children were thrilled with that discovery!  This garden was inspired after our visit to the Florence Griswold Fairy Garden last fall.  I can't wait to go again this year!
This is a photo of our fairy garden, it's forever changing.
This is a picture of the children making fairy soup! I found the activity idea here.  The  children loved it!  I put out colored water, glitter, fresh herbs and flowers.

For making fairy dust you can find the directions here.  My son, who is entering Kindergarten this year, worked on writing the letters of the alphabet in the fairy dust.  My daughter, entering second grade, wrote her sight word list in the fairy dust.

We made pretzels shaped like fairy wings.

I had the idea to make edible fairy houses. After looking around on Pinterest I found this idea to use sugar cookies with candy glass windows, but I wanted ours to be a little more simple and made just out of graham crackers.  Did you know that if you put a graham cracker in the microwave for 30 seconds you can cut shapes out of it?!  I made a door and some small fairy windows.  The children used royal icing to stick on the candy and I choose to use a simple green and white color scheme. I think they came out really cute and were fun for the children to make.

We played some fairy games and read lots of fairy books.

We had a very rainy day here in Connecticut on Friday so to culminate our fairy week we watched Peter Pan, which the children had never seen, and made some pixie popcorn.  It was a really fun week and we are excited about starting our dinosaur week today.  Stay tuned for all of our activities.

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