Tuesday, February 23, 2010

birthday gifts for kids

Now that my daughter is in school it seems like she has a birthday party every weekend. I thought I would give you some tips that help me with selecting and wrapping gifts for children. In general I have found that most parents try and stick to the $15-20 range. Sometimes, if I see something that I think would be perfect for someone but it costs a lot more than my price range, I will ask a friend if they want to go in on the gift too. Since most parents usually choose a theme based around a child's favorite interests I try and buy a gift that goes with the party theme. For a "red star" Sports theme we gave the birthday girl some white slip on sneakers that had red stars all over them. For a bowling party, I found an American Girl Doll bowling set. I like to buy gifts that kids can wear or use and especially like gifts that allow kids to use their own imagination. I, also, love to give books as gifts and often build the rest of my gift around the theme or title of the book. After wrapping the gift I always like to attach something to the top. The gift above was for a Pirate Themed party. I attached pirate tattoos and chocolate gold coins to the package. The tag is personalized with the child's name and a miniature, wooden pirate's hat. I just think it make a gift more special and gets the child excited about what might be inside.

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