Friday, February 26, 2010

how does your garden grow?

As I mentioned before I have been working with the Little Red Wagon designing the packaging for their hair accessories. Above is one of the examples. These pots come with one flower clip and either a ladybug or bumble bee clip and are packaged in a cellophane bag. You can purchase these from Laurie at her etsy shop here . These would make a darling gift for a little girl who has a spring/summer birthday or tucked inside an Easter Basket. More to come later....

** Laurie and all of her cute hair accessories will be at a craft show at the Ellington Center School in Ellington, CT. from 10-3 on March 6.

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  1. So cute. May have to borrow this for the end of the year Daisy Girl Scout party! Our girls would be over the moon. Love it and thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I have time to do what I love also. I have 2 kids, 1 in school, cook family dinners almost nightly, have a clean house, get chores done, am soccer team mom, Daisy leader, etc., etc., etc. and I have time to craft, have fun with my kids, and make things beautiful. You make time for what is important in life. Thank you for saying so. Bottom line. I AGREE!



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