Sunday, March 21, 2010


Since my daughter turned three last year, I decided that instead of having one structured activity it would be more age appropriate to have stations set up in different rooms around the house. This helped the party flow and allowed the kids to choose activities that they were interested in.

The activities were:
1.)Sponge painting Easter Eggs: I put put paint, small sponges and hard boiled eggs out and let the kids decorate them.

2.) Egg hunt: I filled a water table with bags of Easter grass and hid small, glittery plastic eggs in the grass. I left out some tiny baskets for them to collect the eggs in.

3.) Cookie decorating: I made sugar cookies shaped like Easter baskets and let them use frosting and different Spring themed sprinkles to decorate them.

4.) Pretend play: I made a little bakery. I put out all of our pretend sweets, a cash register and a sign that said "baby cakes."
The kids were happy and stayed busy with the different activities. This allowed the parents to relax and enjoy themselves too. We also had an Easter Egg hunt that I will share in an upcoming post.
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  1. Hi Nina! Cute project, I might have to try this with my little one! I got the cookies at "Stop & Shop". Good luck! Thanks for stopping by!



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