Monday, April 5, 2010

you're invited

When I started planning my daughter's birthday party I found a wonderful place near by that offered art parties for a very reasonable price. I went to visit and saw the classroom where the party would be held. The room had one whole wall painted a lovely shade of lavender. After I left I started to think of what colors I was going to use that would compliment the lavender and still tie into my arts & crafts theme. Then I thought "Monet's Water Lilies." I am lucky enough to have seen the actual water lily painting in Paris and it has always been one of my favorites. For the invitation to the party I used craft paper printed with the water lilies to make post card style invitations. I used one of Martha Stewart's craft stamps for the "you're invited" part and then filled in the rest with a complimentary colored pen. That lavender wall was the inspiration for my daughter's party. Isn't it funny how something that simple can pull everything together.

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