Wednesday, July 7, 2010

how sweet it is to be loved by you...

As I mentioned in my previous post the traditional 6th anniversary gift is candy. I decided to give my husband 6 different types of candy that would tell him some of the many reasons why I love him. I packaged them in clear pillow boxes with red and white gingham ribbon and sticker letters. I even found a card that read "I love you more than chocolate." I originally found this idea in a Valentine's Day article and decided it would work perfectly for this occasion too. Some of the candy I used were:
Hershey kisses: for kisses
smarties: for being so smart
almond joy: for bringing such joy to all of our lives
snickers: for always making me laugh
We also took the kids to a penny candy store on the Cape so that they could join in on the fun too. My movie pick this year was Chocolat. We all enjoyed a wonderful day/night of celebrating and I look forward to many more years of celebrating with my husband.
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