Monday, July 19, 2010

turning the big 4-O

My husbands birthday was on Friday. Since he was away from his homeland of Ireland and all of his family there I made every effort to make his day extra special. When trying to figure out what to get him for a gift, I finally decided that it would be fun to give him 4 gifts that started with the letter "O" to coordinate with his turning the big 4-O! The first gift was from our kids- some professional pictures of them that I had framed. We served him coffee cake with a candle in it and the card read for our "daddy-o." The second gift was an Orange box- filled with some running sneakers that we delivered to him at work (which is where he usually runs). The third gift was some Oakley sunglasses that I gave to him for the car ride to his party and the fourth gift was a bottle of Whisky called OBAN that I gave to him at the party and had all of our guests sign. My husband was so touched by all of the effort I put into making his day special that he actually came home with a dozen roses and the sweetest card for me- on HIS birthday! I am truly a lucky girl. I will post some of the details from the party later this week.
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