Thursday, July 22, 2010

party favors

After many discussions with my husband about how he wanted to celebrate his big day - it was decided that we go to an upscale pizza place and enjoy dinner and drinks with good friends.
Easy enough.....Trying to think of favors to go with the party, not so easy. I kept getting stuck on the "pizza" thing and couldn't think of anything to go with it. One night while I was at dinner with a good friend we started brainstorming ideas and she said "what about beer.?" Beer and pizza go together and my husband loves Guinness- so I went with it. I ordered customized pint glasses and was very happy with how they turned out. I bought plain white cocktail napkins and stamped them with my husbands initials. I also found green and white striped straws that I thought were festive and would work well with the glasses. At the last minute I also decided to make little tins of green m&m's that I decorated with a shamrock. My husband loved all of the little Irish touches and his friends loved having a new pint glass to take home with them.
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