Saturday, June 4, 2011


My son turned 3 yesterday!  We decided it would be fun to do a pizza & a movie night.  He chose the movie"CARS".  The good thing about choosing a Disney movie is that it is EVERYWHERE. The bad thing about choosing a Disney movie is that it is EVERYWHERE.  What I mean to say is that by choosing such a popular theme it can be helpful because you can find everything from juice boxes to pretzels in the shape of many of the characters but, in my opinion, it is easy to get carried away and have to much Disney.  I decided that the best option for me was to use a little of the Disney stuff and a lot of the homemade to find just the right balance.  I also used the colors red, black, and orange.  Here are some of the non Disney decorations I used.  I found red felt cars that I put around our dining room with pictures of my son at the age of 1, 2 and 3.  I put a lightening rod and the age that he was in the picture on the side of each car. I hung black chalkboard stars around the big screen and wrote the names of each of our guests on them.  I also got black star shaped balloons that I tied to the back of each chair.  All week I be sharing more about the food and favors and some other fun details.  I hope you will come back to check them out!
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  1. Very cute! You are right - there is only so much Disney you can have at a party! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the details, Stephie x



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