Monday, June 20, 2011

we never "tire" of loving you dad

Since my husband just got a new car I decided that it would be fun to do a car theme for father's day this year.  I got three gifts for him- one from each of the children.  The first one was a travel coffee cup with a picture of the kids on it.  The second was a custom key chain with a shamrock and the third was a new CD.  I found a card from tiny prints that said "we could never "tire" of loving you dad".  On the first gift I wrote: "grab your coffee". On the second gift I wrote "and find your keys".  On the third "put on the tunes" and in the card I wrote "and head for the breeze".  We all got in the car and headed towards the ocean where we dined on delicious lobster rolls for lunch.  It was a fun day and my husband really loved spending time with the children.  After all they are the reason for the celebration.  I hope you got to spend the weekend doing something fun with those you love too!
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