Monday, August 15, 2011

a golden anniversary

On Friday it was my parents 50th wedding anniversary!!  They are hopelessly modest people and didn't want a large party.  Instead, they decided a BBQ with family would be the perfect way to celebrate this momentous occasion, so that is what we did yesterday.  On Friday night they went out for dinner at their favorite french restaurant and while they were gone I snuck over to their house and set up a little romantic dessert for them.  On their 35th wedding anniversary my brother and I had given them a Smith & Hawken bench.  My parents have the bench on the edge of their lake front property and I decided that would be the perfect place to set up their special dessert.  I made a wreath with an arrow pointing them in the right direction.  I hung tissue balls, clear glass balls filled with gold glitter, and their initials all from the branches above the bench.  I put 50 (gold wrapped) Hershey kisses in a jar along with a bottle of champagne. I also had a variety of petite desserts under a glass cloche.  I placed candles and flowers in small vases all around the patio and had their wedding song playing as they arrived home.  My parents LOVED this surprise!  The very next day my dad gave my daughter a thank you note that read in part: "On July 5, 2055, we won't be around to repay your mother and father for this heart-warming welcome on their 50th.  But you will and we hope you will.  We would be very grateful in absentia if you would do the honors.  Hopefully it would mean as much to them as our anniversary welcome meant to us today".  Sob.  Mission complete.
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