Thursday, April 19, 2012

doll pajama party

On Sunday we had my daughter's sixth birthday party.  She invited seven of her friends to a store called Gather in Ivoryton, Ct.  It is a great little place with antiques, unique gifts, and candy. We had the girls and their dolls come in pajamas for lunch and crafts.

My daughter and her doll in their new matching pajamas ready for the party.

For decorations I brought a clothesline with doll clothes and some balloons.  Small ones for the dolls and big ones for the girls.

For flower arrangements I placed some Gerber daisies in milk bottles.  I filled the bottles with some breakfast cereal and tied a ribbon around them.  Again I used a big one on the girls table and a small one fore the dolls table.  Tiny Fancy Nancy books were placed around them as well.

We set two tables one for the dolls and one for the girls.  They were exactly the same except for the size of everything.  Mini plates and doll sized cups with petite "6" cookies were on each plate.  I also made party hats for the girls and their dolls with scrapbook paper and stickers.

The owner of Gather, Deanna, took care of the food.  The menu consisted of fruit salad with watermelon stars, sandwiches shaped like doll dresses, mac & cheese and cupcakes for the girls (mini ones for the dolls).  I also brought some pink yogurt covered pretzels and strawberry breakfast cereal which I had out in cupcake liners for the girls to munch on as they arrived.


In between all of the food the girls did two crafts and a scavenger hunt.  For the crafts they made necklaces for themselves and their dolls and picture frames.  I will share another post about the favors, but a wonderful time was had by all!
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  1. you are amazing -- this looks like so much fun - love the idea of bringing their dolls - and all the pink food!!
    I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award - check it out here:

  2. Thanks, Maureen! You are very sweet!



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